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  • Nikki Van Davis

    Make your racer..

    December 13, 2013 by Nikki Van Davis

    Hello! I made my racer Victoria Von Peppermint.. have you ever thought about how fun it would be to make your own racer? And then after you made Him/her you can imaginge your self as the racer you made and on the track. 

    Heres the link to my racer.

    check it out the blog below that says My Sugar Rush racer , and if you want make your own racer make a blog on him/her i chalenge you.

    go ahead it fun!!!!....

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  • Nikki Van Davis

    Name: Victoria Von Peppermint *click read more to see pics of my racer*

            Theme: Peppermint      

            best friend: Vanelopee and                                    

             good friens: other racers              

    • my racer and her kart.
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           Speed: 96%

          Sarcasm: %50  

         Handling: %55                                                      

            candy coating: %60

          Sweetness: %95

          Popularity: %90

           Heart: %100            

           Mischeif: %10

    other pics of my racer and her kart:

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