Strawberrybella Sweet Chocolate Cream S More Was The New Sugar Rush Racer & Because Her Kindness Sweet Love & Friendship She Will Be A Racer & Win The Golden cup & She Made Of Sugar & Spice & Everthing Nice

Biography Edit

Strawberrybella Sweet Chocolate Cream S More was A Duchess Of Sugar Spice & Everything Nice She Love her Friend & She Love To Helping Every One In Sugar She Was A Cute Lovely Kind Friendly Duchess

Appearance Edit

Strawberrybella Sweet Chocolate Cream S More Is A Young Girl with Fair Skin Sky Blue Eye & Rosy Cheek. She Has Long Curly Strawberry Blonde Hair With Head Band And It Is Topped With A Strawberry Head She Wear A Pink Shirt Under A Chocolate Jacket With A With A Strawberry Chocolate Skirt & Pink & Skyblue Leggings And Also Pink Shoe

Trivia Edit

Because She Very Sweet & She Was A Funny Duchess Strawberrybella & Minty Has a Same voice actor Tara Strong is known for voicing Raven from Teen Titans Go!,[1] Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls,[2] Dil Pickles from Rugrats[3] and All Grown Up,[4] Twilight Sparkle from My little Pony,[5] And Timmy Turner and Baby Poof from The Fariy Oddparents.[6][7]